Ithaca Hours

Introducing the Ithaca Hours, the localized currency of Ithaca New York! What better way to show your discontent for the Federal Reserve Rothschild Central Banking system that plagues our world today. Founded in 1991, the Ithaca Hours are a physical currency used by the locals of the community in upstate New York where ten “Hours” equal one U.S Dollar. Accepted by over 500 businesses, the revolutionary concept represents a societal need to have a connection and voice concerning our currency. Keeping it local, encourages community members to buy local and support local businesses by keeping resources regional. The “Hours” also offer interest free loans and reduce the dependence on imports. Imagine a town where the merchants and farmers exchange a local currency that stays in the community and does not support globalist industries and corporations. Global corporations tend to never care for public interest and participate in oversees child labor, environmental neglect and varied human rights violations in their profits first approach to capitalism. Keeping resources localized is the first step to reclaiming our power as informed consumers and active players in a society where we cast our vote daily by choosing where we spend our money. This concept has garnered much attention across the nation as other like-minded communities establish their own currencies to keep resources localized and buck the system one dollar at a time. Learn more here : Funny Money? Checkout 11 Local Currencies and also here : New local currency offers Ithaca another alternative 

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