Brominated Vegetable Oil Anyone?

Bromination is the process by which something is combined with the toxic corrosive chemical Bromine which is considered a “hazardous material”. Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) chemical was first created as a flame retardant for plastics as well as a swimming pool sanitizer but then was banned in many countries as it was harming wildlife and was working its way through the food chain all the way to human breast milk studies claimed. When researched in animal studies BVO exposure proved toxic as it caused severe brain and organ damage.

Soft Drinks and Sports Drinks: Would You Drink Flame Retardant?

Thankfully some brands have had to adjust their chemical content as consumer awareness surrounding BVO was popularized a few years ago. In 2013: Gatorade pulls ingredient linked to flame retardant and then in 2014: Coke Just Stopped Using A Chemical That’s Also A Flame Retardant — But That’s Not The Worst Thing That’s In Its Drinks

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