Chemtrails: The “Cloud Streets”

Surprisingly, the geoengineering chemtrail aerosol spraying program and agenda has yet to be discussed. I’ll happily delve into the history of the topic which is readily available by watching my film¬†FrankenSkies¬†online for free, but alas I will save most for another day. Let’s just quickly expose some of the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda created to confuse the public. Yesterday the BBC announced yet another new meteorology word to further disinform the world. The new word is “CLOUD STREETS” a term coined to describe the treasonous ongoing crime against humanity in our air and sky. Giving the toxic chemical metal aerosols a harmless name further normalizes the purposeful poisoning of our planet and shrouds truth with confusion and “official terminology”. The lies in our skies continue as controlled media conglomerates continue to push a narrative of cognitive dissonance and ignorance. Real Eyes Realize Real Lies. The article provides a perfect opportunity for learned discernment however.

Check out the shameful propaganda by the BBC published yesterday here : Unusual ‘cloud streets’ spotted over England

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