New Clouds Announced – USA Today

3 thoughts on “New Clouds Announced – USA Today”

  1. Yeah one of the media gatekeepers USA Today, Jew news rag, and their propaganda being used to tell you about what’s going on but make it sound like a good thing. Nothing good about wiping out the environment, which is what is happening, no matter how much the media, schools, government and military lie about it.

    The folks doing this must understand that the long term effects will end up killing off to much of the worlds biosphere and cause a runaway heating effect that will ultimately kill our ability to farm food and feed everyone and is severely hampering natural evaporation and the rain fall that used to produce.With summer time temperatures reaching 115 degree’s F in direct sunlight, that’s bad for tree’s and crops that sit in it all day with out any protection from the UV-b and c that is reaching the Earth’s surface. The banker controlled education system ensures no one monitors that or checks the levels and if they do it isn’t published data that I know of. We nature stops working, that’s when they won’t be able to hide this any longer.

    I wonder how much time is left at times. Its the beginning of March and already I can feel the burning intensity of sun light on the non-aerosol days. This isn’t right what they are doing, it appears more like passive murder and not a method to save life on Earth as the Geoengineer’s like D. Keith and Co. claim.

    Who’s go the money to pay for all this? Who controls the money and the materials that give it it’s value, those are the people responsible for it. They don’t live in the countries that are being sprayed, that’s for sure. They just pay their operatives in each respective nation to carry out the dirty work. Such as Biden and his cabinet of minions in America, or Fagdo n friends in Canda, so much dishonesty from every angle, without honest people this will only get worse. I fear all the good men and women will only do nothing. What can we do with out military support? Anything less is just begging for mercy and receiving none.

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