A Case Against Casein.

A Case Against Casein. Research suggests that infants should refrain from consuming dairy products. Recent studies have brought to light that casein may be the protein that is the most harmful if consumed after weaning due to its toxic effects. Casein  primarily consumed via cow’s milk and dairy products, is a highly complex protein requiring specific enzymes, that adults don’t have, to break it down.

Some medical experts even argue that casein is a carcinogen. Dr. T. Colin Campbell, with 6 decades of research on the matter asserts that, “Casein causes cancer.” With a plethora of detailed information on the subject, he has risked his research career and funding by speaking about the matter.

We at Actual Activists found his website, Center for Nutrition Studies, to be of utmost value when seeking research based evidence to support a plant based diet. Visit the site HERE

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