Colloidal Silver

Do you know about Colloidal Silver and the health benefits associated with consuming it? This is one of many minerals we are deficient in, which can increase conductivity, longevity and health in the body. This noble metal is easily absorbed by the body because it is monatomic (consisting of only one atom) thus readily bioavailable. Silver is great for immune system health and infection fighting as well. Learn more here : 8 Colloidal Silver Health Benefits

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  1. I found out about colloidal silver years ago and I always use it instead of antibiotics.. I didnt know about the deficiency part or thatvit was one atom.. very cool. This is the type of knowledge our kids should be learning in school 🏫 🙌 👏. I would LOVE to be able to join forces with u on any level be it chemtrails or knowledge about natural healing etc. Thank u Matt Landman for being a trailblazer for truth ❤

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