Hourly Benefits of Fasting

Here’s a breakdown of what your body does each hour of fasting:

4-8 hours

  • Blood sugars fall
  • All food has left the stomach
  • Insulin is no longer produced

12 hours

  • Food consumed has been burned
  • Digestive system goes to sleep
  • Body begins healing process
  • Human Growth Hormone begins to increase
  • Glucagon is relaxed to balance blood sugars

14 hours

  • Body has converted to using stored fat as energy
  • Human Growth Hormone starts to increase dramatically

16 hours

  • Body starts to ramp up the fat burning

18 hours

  • Human Growth Hormone starts to skyrocket

24 hours

  • Autophagy begins
  • Drains all glycogen stores
  • Ketones are released into the blood stream

36 hours

  • Autophagy 300% increase

48 hours

  • Autophagy increases 30% more
  • Immune system reset and regeneration
  • Increased reduction in inflammation response


72 hours

  • Autophagy maxes out

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