Today’s daily truth gets back to health and healing, specifically chelation.  What is chelation and why do we need it in our lives? Simply put we are exposed to toxins and we need to know how to mitigate exposure and also remove the toxins from our bodies. One way to remove heavy metals is through chelation but this is no substitute for mineralization and nutrition. Interested? Check this out : 18 Proven Heavy Metals Detoxes For Safe Chelation & Heavy Metal Chelation with Nature

Every person is different and the chelation strategy for each person differs based on their body and also what toxins are being removed. If you have metal in your teeth get it removed and research risks of chelation while the metal fillings are in! Try these chelation ideas and rid your body of heavy metals and toxins that shouldn’t be there, toxins that are bogging down your entire system!

Diatomaceous Earth – Spirulina  – Activated Charcoal  –  Cilantro  – Micronized Zeolite – Chlorella  –  Bentonite Clay  

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