The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is a private entity who prints our money and loans it to our government with interest. The interest paid goes to private bankers whose control bleeds throughout the public and private sector. Essentially, our entire system is an enslavement by private bankers which was secretively established on Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1910. For reference, the lengthy book The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin explains the history of the Federal Reserve. Prior the the Federal Reserve, currency actually had something tangible such as gold or silver behind it, backing its value. The more you learn about “The Fed” the more it becomes self evident that this institution must be eradicated before any natural freedoms will be had for the citizens of the world. Every country without a private Rothschild Federal Reserve banking system becomes an enemy of the U.S military industrial complex whose actions are dictated by the Fed as their control grips every aspect of our global governments.  The remaining three countries without a Rothschild bank : Iran, Cuba, North Korea. Learn more by checking out this documentary here : Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve or learn more from this article here : The Evil Federal Reserve

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