Kombucha and its benefits!

Essentially probiotics are beneficial bacteria we can add to our gut to help our bodies function properly in many ways. We can intake probiotics by eating fermented foods and one such example is the popular fermented drink Kombucha. I recommend experimenting with making your own or buying local Kombucha if possible. This ancient drink has been praised for its health benefits for eons and has become increasingly popular as people become aware of its beneficial properties. Do you know what a “SCOBY” is? It’s not a mushroom, contrary to popular belief.. Checkout 13 Great Probiotic Foods You Should Be Eating Also learn more about Kombucha fermented tea here : 8 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

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  1. Finally the SIMPLE truth about the cootie shots & all shots…During the height of the COVID fraud, most doctors who stepped up and criticized the vaccine had previously been on board with vaccinations.
    They didn’t want to know that ALL vaccines are unsafe and damaging.
    It’s not just the new RNA technology that made the COVID shots horrific. What did you think was going to happen when 3 billion shots of ANY vaccine were visited on humanity in one fell swoop?
    The whole IDEA of vaccines is insane. The health-defense of the body either works or doesn’t work. A vaccine isn’t going to change that.
    People who are already weak and sick are going to be pushed further toward the edge of the cliff by vaccines. People who are already strong and healthy have all the protection they need.
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    When the inflammatory response is diminished, because the body is busy dealing with the chronic negative effects of the vaccine, the observable symptoms are gone. Therefore, it SEEMS like the disease has been prevented.
    What’s really happened is one tradeoff for another. And they’re both bad.
    That’s not health. It’s the opposite.
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    But most doctors don’t want to face up to this. Why?… Jon Rappoport

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