Being Worthy w Matt Landman

From Actual Activists to Frankenskies and much more to come. Listen to Matt on the New Now and learn about his new developments for Spero Clothing, Frankenskies 2 – ‘Climate Chains’ and other potential good works on the way. The first of many to come, join us and see what ‘being worthy’ can mean and how to put your passions into action!

1 thought on “Being Worthy w Matt Landman”

  1. Dear Matt,
    While this madness over the so called vaccines has everyone distracted the real danger is in the air. I have recently found out what a hush program it is and Govt literally has a gag order on NOAA and Natl Weather Serv. about Geoengineering and EPA? Wow what a joke… They only test for CO2 That speaks volumes right there.Surely if they tested for anything else it would reveal what? Everyone involved in this covert program either lies or deny’s. Problem is whatever they’re spraying makes us sick ..Are we the enemy? They spray our area day and night w/ strong stuff so much we taste it… Fabricated skies constantly…What gives the Military/Contractors the right to spray aerosol over our heads? With Bill Gates involved and knowing our govt and how it lies I put nothing past them But what can we do? No one to report to? No oversight, No regulation, they have Carte Blanche and nothing we can do?? With every breath we take can’t find fresh air anymore. We get headaches, lethargic, etc. and we know it’s from the air…It’s all Toxic! We can’t know what they’re spraying?? What gives them the right to poison us w/ carcinogens? We want to know what’s being sprayed and since they have spent decades to try to say we’re not seeing what we are seeing and now smelling?? We need to know…Can’t trust what govt says obviously. What can we do? What does the skies look like where you are? Thanks, Matt

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