So, what makes fluoride so harmful?

Fluorine is the world’s most electronegative element. This electro-negativity combined with its small size, has enabled scientists to join it with a whole host of other elements, creating monsters such as nerve gases and atomic bombs.

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These same properties make fluorine extremely dangerous. It is the ultimate free radical and the chaos that it causes within our biological system can be traced back to its stealing of electrons and it binding to substances that easily donate electrons.

As ageing is correlated with the bodies inability to deal with free radicals, we can now begin to understand why one PhD Biochemist, John Yiamouyiannis, appropriately labelled fluorine as “the ageing factor”.

Unfortunately, fluoride penetrates the skin with ease.

Here are some things that you can do to limit your absorption:

  1. Have a cooler shower (warmer temperatures increase fluoride absorption)
  2. Have a shorter shower
  3. Invest in a shower and tap filter

Studies have also found that children, those with respiratory conditions, and those with eczema, sunburn, rashes or psoriasis absorb a greater degree of fluoride from tap water.

Body parts such as the scalp, forehead, stomach, underarm and scrotum have increased permeability (of almost 100%). Whereas the hand and forearm were found to be relatively impermeable (at about 8.6%)

(Murphy, 2008).

Fluoride is the key ingredient in the world’s most deadly nerve gases, and the most reliable cockroach and rodent poisons. In fact, during the 17th and 18th century, it earned itself the nickname “the devil’s poison” as it killed and maimed secretly without expectation. 

So why are our governments adding it to our water supply?

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