Liberation from Public Opinion

As technology becomes more invasive over our social lives, public opinion becomes more valued, often in imbalanced and even dangerous ways. When mothers care more about what the people around them think about their child’s needs than their own motherly intuition, their choices often cause damage that can last a lifetime. How do we liberate ourselves from the pressure to please and appease? With social media and online reviews becoming more prevalent ways to influence public opinion, they can really have a powerful hold, especially on business owners and parents. We need to remember what matters most in the big picture and always do what is right, even if it’s not popularly approved. This means we must have a stronger, deeper connection with ourselves and our spirit guides more than ever. We must be loyal to our natural truth before anyone else. A solid foundation within ourselves leads to the best choices. The more we act on our own true will, the more we will attract genuine people who will truly benefit our lives and the more we become the best role models we can be for our children.

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