We have been misled for centuries to strictly follow, without exception, THEORIES made up by corrupt men in power. Louis Pasteur was one of these men; as a plagiarist and unqualified scientist, he was given credit for a theory that has destroyed and distorted the real health benefits of food and medicine. Pasteurization kills the natural enzymes and nutrients that enable proper digestion. Juices and milk started to be pasteurized because of diseases spread in factory farming practices that keep animals in filthy, sick conditions, who’s products we shouldn’t be consuming anyways. The best juice is fresh, cold-pressed, and not pasteurized. The best milk comes from local, grass-fed, free-range cows, specifically the “A2” breed (non-hybridized). Raw milk is available in many places as recommended by the Weston Price Foundation. The consumption of this is, as everything else honestly, at the discretion of the consumer. 

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  1. when my daughter was a year old we began giving her milk that we bought from the store. she became very sick and cried for days. we did not realize at first that it was connected with the milk. i asked for information at the local health store and i was referred to the Weston A. Price Institute. i stopped giving her the store bought milk and replaced it with raw goat milk. she became a happy, healthy and contented little girl. she is now 32 years old and has continued to use raw milk whenever available.

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