Deep inside a mountain in Northern Italy resides a utopian, sustainable,  eco-community where artists thrive and plants sing. First built in 1975, the people of Damanhur lived in secrecy and harmony for decades until the Italian government was sent to destroy the community. What they experienced upon arrival however was a shocking 20th century renaissance and Damanhur was instead granted sovereignty and awarded by the United Nations as a model for sustainable future. An eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values, Damanhur is a testament to how humans could be living. I encourage readers to learn about and even visit this community as we will all be in the midst of establishing our own sustainable societies as more people awaken and strive for more connection and less control moving forward. Start by checking out this short video about The Heart Inside of a Mountain, Damanhur’s Temples of Humankind and checkout their website for more info here : What is Damanhur?

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