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"New Clouds" social engineering

propaganda, normalizing chemtrails.


Conan O'Brien exposes scripted media / social engineering


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New Evidence That Man-Made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Does Not Cause Global Warming 



Fluoride – The Only Drug Intentionally Added to Your Tap Water



New Film Exposes Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth – Opponents Want to Silence it at Film Festivals



California Bill SB18 Wants Authority to Enter Homes to Ensure Parents Comply with State Mandates for Vaccinations



Pesticide Atrazine induces complete feminization and chemical castration in frogs






Bill Gates, Monsanto, Geo-engineering and Vaccines – The Tie Points



 The Laurel Canyon Conspiracy: Music and the Illuminati



Alkaline Herbal Medicine – Reverse Disease and Heal the Electric Body



With No Compelling Reason Climate Engineers Will Block the Sun in 2018



Is Dementia Caused By Aluminum Through Fluoridation?



5 conspiracy theories which turned out to be true



Operation Paperclip - The Truthseeker



Climate Fraud Exposed: CO2 Doesn’t Rise Up, Trap And Retain Heat



Dead doctors, nagalase and vaccines: What's the connection?



Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth



The Power Of Our Thoughts On Water


Masuro Emoto’s Water Experiment: The Power of Thoughts



The Solar GeoEngineering Regime Designed To Block Out Your Sun



The Polio Vaccine Cancer Cover-up



 Magnesium: An Invisible Deficiency That Could Be Harming Your Health



Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 60 Dead In Just Over A Year



Miracle cancer cure GcMAF gains wider recognition… as more holistic doctors are “mysteriously” found dead amid threats to Big Pharma monopoly



After Tyrone Hayes said that a chemical was harmful, its maker pursued him



How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland and Why You Should



How To Get a Vaccine Religious Exemption



 Former FBI Chief poisoned for saying Chemtrails Are Real?



 Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies 
























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