Chemtrails, also known as Geoengineering, is the intentional intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to offset climate change. Chemtrails specifically are the spraying of toxic chemicals from planes in our skies. The spraying is ongoing and has been especially prevalent since 1992. The chemicals being sprayed are primarily Aluminum Barium, Strontium, Titanium, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lithium, and many people deny this ongoing program. Cognitive dissonance along with a controlled narrative through the media and disinformation campaigns are primary reasons why many are still unaware of the lies in our skies. There are many resources available on Actual Activists to reveal the hidden truths.


FrankenSkies is an 80 minute social change documentary regarding the Solar Geoengineering/Chemtrail agenda that affects every living being on earth.






1891 – 0462795 – method of producing rain-fall
1914 – 1103490 – rain maker (balloon images)
1917 – 1225521 – protection from poisonous gas in warfare
1920 – 1338343 – process and apparatus for the production of intense artificial clouds, fogs, or mists
1924 – 1512783 – composition for dispelling fogs
1927 – 1619183 – process of producing smoke clouds from moving aircraft
1928 – 1665267 – process of producting artificial fogs
1932 – 1892132 – atomizing attachment for airplane engine exhausts
1933 – 1928963 – electrical system and method (for spraying chemtrails)
1934 – 1957075 – airplane spray equipment
1936 – 2045865 – skywriting apparatus
1936 – 2052626 – method of dispelling fog (mit)
1937 – 2068987 – process of dissipating fog
1939 – 2160900 – method for vapor clearing
1941 – 2232728 – method and composition for dispelling vapors
1941 – 2257360 – desensitized pentaerythritol tetranitrate explosive
1946 – 2395827 – airplane spray unit (us. dept. of agriculture)
1946 – 2409201 – smoke-producing mixture
1949 – 2476171 – smoke screen generator
1949 – 2480967 – aerial discharge device
1950 – 2527230 – method of crystal formation and precipitation
1951 – 2550324 – process for controlling weather
1951 – 2570867 – method of crystal formation and precipitation (general electric)
1952 – 2582678 – material disseminating apparatus for airplanes
1952 – 2591988 – production of tio2 pigments (dupont)
1952 – 2614083 – metal chloride screening smoke mixture
1953 – 2633455 – smoke generator
1954 – 2688069 – steam generator
1955 – 2721495 – method and apparatus for detecting minute crystal forming particles suspended in a gaseous atmosphere (general electric)
1956 – 2730402 – controllable dispersal device
1957 – 2801322 – decomposition chamber for monopropellant fuel
1958 – 2835530 – process for the condensation of atmospheric humidity and dissolution of fog
1959 – 2881335 – generation of electrical fields (haarp – for re-charging clouds!)
1959 – 2903188 – control of tropical cyclone formation
1959 – 2908442 – method for dispersing natural atmospheric fogs and clouds
1960 – 2962450 – fog dispelling composition (see references)
1960 – 2963975 – cloud seeding carbon dioxide bullet
1961 – 2986360 – aerial insecticide dusting device
1962 – 3044911 – propellant system
1962 – 3056556 – method of artificially influencing the weather
1964 – 3120459 – composite incendiary powder containing metal coated oxidizing salts
1964 – 3126155 – silver iodide cloud seeding generator (main commercial ingrediant)
1964 – 3127107 – generation of ice-nucleating crystals
1964 – 3131131 – electrostatic mixing in microbial conversions
1965 – 3174150 – self-focusing antenna system (haarp)
1966 – 3257801 – pyrotechnic composition comprising solid oxidizer, boron and aluminum additive and binder
1966 – 3234357 – electrically heated smoke producing device
1966 – 3274035 – metallic composition for production of hydroscopic smoke
1967 – 3300721 – means for communication through a layer of ionized gases (haarp)
1967 – 3313487 – cloud seeding apparatus
1967 – 3338476 – heating device for use with aerosol containers
1968 – 3410489 – automatically adjustable airfoil spray system with pump
1969 – 3429507 – rainmaker
1969 – 3430533 – aircraft dispensor pod having self-sealing ejection tubes
1969 – 3432208 – fluidized particle dispenser (us air force)
1969 – 3437502 – titanium dioxide pigment coated with silica and aluminum (dupont)
1969 – 3441214 – method and apparatus for seeding clouds

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what are civil society actors?

Civil society is the “aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions that manifest interest and will of citizens.” Civil society includes the family and the private sphere, referred to as the “third sector” of society, distinct from government and business. 


In the context of regulation of research, participants discussed whether formal regulation was required. There was a consensus that, at a minimum we need greater transparency, with tracking of private research by a pertinent body at either the domestic or international level.

How Should Civil Society Actors Frame Geoengineering?

Some suggested that the dominant framing for geoengineering now is a “solution” to climate change. Few scientists would make such a claim, but the general public my still construe the promise of geoengineering as “this will make climate change go away, and, so, we don’t have to change our behaviors.” A few suggested that, to shift the conversation in productive ways, geoengineering should be characterized publicly as a “terrible choice.” Geoengineering, in other words, can be viewed by civil society organizations as a strategic opening, as a way to bring home the horrors’ of climate change to policymakers and the public.


In an ideal world, some argued, geoengineering would be a strategic tool. It would be just one among many forms of society-wide response. There would be robust and honest conversations about the tradeoffs of pursuing particular options, taking account of the entire suite of benefits and costs associated with mitigation, adaptation, and geoengineering activities. Yet history teaches that responses to social problems and the assessment of complex technologies seldom proceed in such a reasoned fashion. “Society”, one participant noted, “is lousy at strategy.”

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