Spero EMF Protection Fold Over Faraday Bag


EMF protective phone pouch made with faux leather & a Velcro fold-over closure

The best cell phone radiation protection available.

We are excited to introduce our new Fold Over EMF Cell Phone Pouch! We have created a phone pouch with a new look, a Velcro fold over lip, and extra protective layers to combat new technology and the increasing strength of cell phone EMF radiation!

This EMF Cell Phone Pouch features 1 layers of protective silver and 2 layers of copper composite fabric to combat ever increasing RF Radiation levels. Ideal for any smart phone, even iPhones and new phones.
  • Available in 6 colors! Black, Green, Dark Teal, Pink, Blue, or Tan!
  • Anti EMF, Anti Tracing, Anti Tracking, Anti EMP
  • Lined with 100% silver fabric which creates a “faraday cage” around your phone, offering incredible cell phone radiation protection.
  • Stops EMF radiation by eliminating Phone Signal, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS.
  • Convenient design and size, easy to use.

Reduce your exposure to EMR / RF / EMF.  Cumulative cell phone radiation exposure may cause infertility, birth defects, sleep issues, depression, heart problems, fatigue, brain fog, cancer. We highly recommend using cell phone radiation protection products in combination with EMF reduction life choices such as such as getting your own EMF detection meter, not wearing blue tooth headphones, not holding a cell phone to your head, not sleeping next to a Wi-Fi router and putting your smart phone on power saving mode with a blue light filter.


53.5-55.9dB from 30 MHz to 3GHz


Exterior Fabric: Synthetic Leather

Interior Fabric: 100% Silver, 100% Copper

Dimensions: 7.5 in x 4 in or 19 cm x 10 cm
Fits iPhone XS Max with case and smaller. Lined with 100% Silver

WASHING & HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: All Spero products use silver fabric which acts as a faraday cage. The silver fabric must be delicately handled if washed. Wash by hand with distilled water and SPERO Silver Fabric Detergent, or a gentle natural soap. Tap water or well water will ruin this fabric as chemicals in the water such as chlorine, sulfur and fluoride are corrosive to silver. Hang dry.

Eliminates EMF Radiation/5G Radiation
Blocks all possible tracking and tracing
Completely “Kills” your phone signal, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

Our 100% Silver Fabric used in our phone pouches create a “faraday” case” around your phone, eliminating and blocking 99% EMF radiation. We use between 2-3 layers of silver (or even copper) in our phone pouches, depending on the model you have purchased. Our pouches with 3 layers are specially designed for the increasingly pervasive 5G technology.

This is better than turning your phone off for a variety of reasons. First off, convenience. If you are in a rush or perhaps there is an emergency, waiting for your phone to turn on and off can get in the way and become time consuming. This allows you to “turn your phone off” with ease and speed. Second, even when you turn your phone off, your battery can still be running, and your smartphone can still track you! Our phone pouches completely block all attempts of tracking or tracing and will keep all possible EMF radiation locked in your pouch.

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