“Stop Geoengineering” T-Shirt


100% Cotton activist t-shirts offering awareness in Truth and Activism

These 100% cotton t-shirts offer comfortability and awareness in Truth and Activism. People say knowledge is power, but really to be honest, Knowledge + Action = Power. One must act in order to not perpetuate victimhood.  Activism comes in many ways, but silence is NOT AN OPTION!

The graphic stating ‘Stop Geoengineering’ (props to EvolCreative) features a satirical war zone gas mask bringing awareness to the ongoing lies in our skies termed Geoengineering and or Chemtrails also known as Weather Engineering or FrankenSkies. 



Available in S/M/L/XL (Standard U.S Unisex sizing)

100% Cotton

note: The shirts shrink after the first wash and dry so anticipate that when you decide your size. 

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