The Relationship Between Teen Depression and Technology


With the cases of teen depression rising every year, we must take a step back and reflect on what societal changes might be contributing to this mental health disorder surge. One area of our lives which has increased dramatically over the past two decades is the use of technology. In particular, social media platforms with their prevalence and commonality in everyday living, have seen a massive explosion.

While technology and social media undoubtedly provide many advantages for our society, such as better connections and solutions to everyday problems, the adverse effects of these two areas cannot be ignored.

The Rise in Teenage Depression

A 2016 study found that there has been a 37% increase in reported mood disorders among adolescents and young adults over a nine-year period, which is a concerningly sharp increase.

Depression in teenagers presents with the typical symptoms of depression, including:

  • feelings of sadness, anxiousness, worriedness, and emptiness
  • loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed
  • easily irritable, frustrated, or angry
  • declining school grades
  • withdrawing from friends and family
  • changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • thoughts of harming oneself or suicide

The problem, however, lies in the fact that the teenage years are also a time of intense hormone changes and peer relationship problems, which can sometimes manifest as symptoms of depression. Because of this, the symptoms of depression are often brushed off as typical “teenager” behavior, which can be detrimental to the health of someone struggling with depression.

How Technology May Contribute to Teenage Depression

One area that has grown increasingly popular over the past decade and which is a prominent component of a teenager’s life is technology. Unfortunately, this might just be contributing to the higher rate of teen depression. There are multiple areas to consider, including the technology itself, the amount it is used, and what it is used for. 

Screen Time

The amount of time teenagers spend in front of a screen can be concerning for parents, and rightfully so in some cases. A study investigated how four factors of screen time, social media, television, computer use, and video gaming, impacted depression. Of these four areas, all but video gaming were associated with depression. The study also found that increased social media and television use is associated with lower self-esteem over time, which can also lead to depression. 

EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is something that is produced by technology such as our cell phones, computers, and tablets. In essence, EMF radiation is produced by the things we use frequently. Unfortunately, multiple studies link EMF radiation exposure to negative psychiatric symptoms, depression being one of them.

The reason for this reaction has to do with the voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC) in the brain. VGCCs have important roles in the release of neurotransmitters and neuroendocrine hormones, and these channels are also activated by EMF radiation. This can result in excessive neurotransmitter/neuroendocrine hormone release in addition to oxidative stress. Studies have found that these effects of EMF radiation may then result in the symptoms of depression, including fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, memory changes, and irritability. 

Blue Light

The connection between systems of our body and light has long been observed. For example, you are much more like to feel happy on a sunny day than a rainy day, and that is because the light from the sun affects your emotions. However, there are also indirect connections between light and specific systems, which are the likely contributors to mood disorders. 

The effect of blue light on the body has everything to do with our circadian rhythm, which is the natural and cyclical changes in our physical, mental, and behavioral states. The primary cues for circadian rhythm include light and darkness, and some processes regulated by circadian rhythm include sleep-wake times, cellular function, hormone secretion, and gene expression.

Blue light inhibits the production of melanin, which is a hormone produced by the body to promote sleepiness. The sun produces blue light at its strongest during the day, which helps to sync circadian rhythm with the rise and fall of the sun.

However, electronics also emit blue light, and they are becoming much more popular during the night hours. Any light can disrupt sleep, but blue light, in particular, is the most powerful, with one study finding that it suppressed melatonin for twice as long as other forms of light. By using screens before bed, melanin production is inhibited, which leads to difficulty falling and staying asleep. These sleep disturbances can greatly contribute to depression, as sleep disturbance is a significant factor in the onset and maintenance of mood disorders. 

Social Media

While there is undoubtedly evidence that both teen depression and social media use has increased over the past decade, it is harder to say with absolute certainty that social media causes depression. However, there is still an impact of social media on kids.

Research has shown that teenagers who spend more time on social media also feel more lonely and isolated, suggesting that connecting with peers through social media is not as emotionally fulfilling as in-person interactions.

Social media may also lead to poor self-esteem in teenagers because they find themselves constantly comparing their bodies and lives to those they see on social media. This can lead to negative perceptions of oneself, which can result in depression.

Reflecting on Technology

There is no doubt that technology has proven to be an immense advantage and one that we will have a hard time parting with, especially as it continues to evolve. However, it is still important to recognize that not all aspects are good, and some are causing severe mental health problems to teenagers.

Technology affects teenagers not only in what they see while on their devices, such as social media posts that cause poor self-image, but they also emit EMF radiation and blue light, which can disrupt sleep and increase the risk of depression.

While it is impossible to expect teenagers to forego their devices entirely, it is crucial to encourage limiting their use, talking through any negative emotions, exercising, getting outside in the sun, and putting them away for a couple of hours before bed. Adopting these habits can help encourage a healthy mental state.




Written By Matt Landman On December 19, 2020

The culture we live in has been going through rapid transitions. The most drastic change that every demographic is experiencing is “smart” technology impacting every area of our lives. Most working adults and school kids are required to be on a computer for longer than ever before. There are some very crucial, basic truths and solutions to long-term tech use that all families need to have fair access to, information that the Telecommunications industry does not make widely available or clear. 

Wireless technology emits a light wave that is commonly known as non-ionizing radiation or “EMF” (electromagnetic fields which have varying frequencies that interact with living beings in different ways). This radiation is divided into two categories based on their frequency across the electromagnetic spectrum: non-ionizing and ionizing. EMF’s are RF (Radio Frequency) waves that carry data used in wi-fi, Bluetooth, and cell phone signals. The dividing line between non-ionizing and ionizing radiation occurs in the ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum as lower energy moves into higher energy frequencies. Non-ionizing radiation is emitted from devices such as smart meters, cell phones, tablets, wi-fi routers, and those that use Bluetooth. Non-ionizing radiation occurs on the lower end of the spectrum, where there is insufficient energy to cause ionization. This radiation does not have enough energy to remove electrons from atoms or molecules of materials such as air, water, or living tissue. 

Radiation was once identified as the kind that heats, known as ionizing radiation. Ionizing, because it strips electrons from ions, makes them volatile and thus causes a thermal reaction. A microwave oven is an example of this. Even though the non-ionizing form of radiation is non-heating, it has proven to be extremely harmful. Cumulative impacts of non-ionizing radiation have been researched and results showing causation of negative health impacts are conclusive. Non-ionizing radiation was first identified as harmful after the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl, Russia. Succeeding the nuclear reactor leak, there were subsequent impacts on surrounding life such as mutations of plants, animals, and humans. The scientific community concluded that non-thermal radiation is not only cumulative but harmful. At that time, the EPA was relieved of its duty to monitor radiation levels from cellular and wireless technology. Instead, the FCC was given full authority to monitor health impacts and set safety standards in the United States for non-ionizing radiation. Have they done a good job at protecting the people? What, if any, safety standards have been implemented about wi-fi use in classrooms, hospitals, and other places? The public at large is not informed about prevailing dangers and risks.

Our bodies accumulate non-ionizing radiation and slowly, but surely, symptoms arise. It confuses our bodies, making us think we are in bright daylight, throwing off our biological clock and the important functions it has. Thousands of independent peer-reviewed studies have shown EMF radiation to be hazardous to human health. EMF radiation can cause depression by disruption of circadian rhythm, cell bifurcation leading to tumors, and endocrine system disruption. The studies are plentiful. Children are more vulnerable to disruptions and behavioral and sleep disorders are the first signs of radiation overwhelm. Eventually, everyone becomes EMF sensitive after long-term exposure and many have developed cancer and other chronic diseases. 

One of the most important things we can do to help our family transition into safe tech use is to use ethernet/wired internet at home and work. We can also keep cell phones on airplane mode when not in use and in protective silver-lined pouches that completely block out all radiation. Turning off phones and all wi-fi at night can greatly help those with sleep issues. It’s our responsibility to teach our children about phone safety and the appropriate time to introduce phones to them, which is ideally when they are mature enough to be able to drive and hold a job. 

Even when wired, screens cause bodily disruptions from the blue light they emit. Blue light is so close to ultraviolet light on the spectrum that, like non-ionizing EMF,  it confuses the body, making it feel like the sun is above and shining bright anytime our eyes look at a screen. This has caused a wide variety of conditions over time, including retina damage, melatonin suppression (causing insomnia), memory issues, and over-stimulation of the neurons of the brain (leading to neurotoxicity). Apps can be used to dim screens to more natural lighting, though can’t block out the blue entirely.

So, with all this in mind, and seemingly no way around using smart tech for most people, how can we stay connected to nature and allow ourselves to grow and live in tune with our natural rhythms? One of the simplest ways is to take more time grounding/earthing and less time on screens.

Grounding/earthing involves walking barefoot on conductive surfaces of the Earth, such as grass, sand, and soil. Wood, asphalt, rubber (like on the soles of shoes) and vinyl are not conductive. Similarly, being barefoot near running water helps us breathe in and be exposed to negative ions, which also help ground and re-calibrate our electromagnetic selves. Grounding helps decrease inflammation dramatically in ways no pill can. The transfer of negatively-charged electrons from Earth’s surface to the body neutralizes the positively-charged, destructive free-radicals that cause inflammation. Inflammation, by the way, is the root of all chronic diseases.  Natural healing modalities like Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, massage, herbs, and cupping) also help balance our body’s cycles and relieves inflammation significantly. Chinese medicine revolves around the electrical nature of the human body and has developed a system to defuse the electricity accumulation that leads to disease.

It’s clear that the newest devices and smarter technologies come at a drastic price: our family’s long-term health. With 5G (the smallest and fastest light/radiation wave technology) being introduced across the globe, the radiation is being turned up more than ever. This next generation of cell phone technology will be on a new bandwidth spectrum of radio waves. This will be the 5th generation, hence why it is referred to as 5G. 5G is the size of the radio waves being used for the transfer of information. Radio Frequency carrier waves, for instance, carry AM radio at nearly 1,000 feet in height and FM radio at about 10 feet in height. This unique and new radio frequency carrier wave is only a millimeter in size, which is much smaller than our current technology, and is the smallest radio wave size ever utilized (5G is less than the width of a penny, which is 1.5 millimeters). These high frequency, tiny wavelengths absorb into the body like microwave radiation, unlike 2G, 3G, and 4G technology, which passes through the body. The 5G network is designed to provide faster downloads, stream movies, wireless virtual reality, in addition to being the platform for the Internet of Things, where all household devices are connected to this system wirelessly for remote control. While there may be limited medical applications, 5G will mainly be used for more immersive entertainment and surveillance with much greater public exposure, especially in Smart Cities

To propagate 5G’s small waves, cell towers are erected with an infrastructure that requires a small cell tower every few hundred feet. The technology has been noted as potentially harmful, specifically, if you are located near a “small cell.” Unfortunately, this can be erected anywhere – on your front yard, street lights, utility poles, traffic lights, or at your children’s schools. Proximity to these new cell towers is a growing concern, and many independent and unbiased studies have raised alarms concerning this technology. The FCC has estimated over 800,000 new “small” cells to be installed throughout the USA. Along with this, many newer smart phones are 5G capable, and within the next year, there will be no escaping it.  5G, however, also depends on people being conscious enough to not use it, because our 5G enabled devices pick up on the signal of the closest devices to them that also have 5G (or whichever small cells are nearby). We must keep this in mind and boycott all 5G technologies so our lives and the creatures around us are not affected by radiation powerful enough to split and mutate DNA. 

The bottom line is, the more that we are disconnected from Earth’s natural frequency, called the Schumann resonance, the more sick people become. This explains several pandemics that occurred throughout the past few centuries as electromagnetic frequencies were shifted and non-ionizing radiation became more prevalent. 

There are many great resources to help your family be informed and connected to natural balance and health. Simple dietary changes make a huge difference for our constantly adapting bodies, such as replacing toxic, overly processed and inflammatory foods (like cane sugar, pasteurized/homogenized dairy, and gluten) with local, farm fresh products. Stable saturated fats and choline from egg yolks and liver may be highly protective from the damages of EMF’s. Cilantro and many types of seaweed also help detox heavy metals. Nutrition from sources the Weston A. Price Foundation recommends strengthen the brain, heart, and cell membranes to provide considerable immunity. We can protect ourselves and kids with silver-lined clothing when doing work that requires wireless radiation exposure, especially for those who live near cell towers.  Spero protection gear is made to enhance our community’s natural health. Together, we can be knights in shining armor for our humanity! 


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