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David Kelly

Meet David Kelly. In case you are not familiar, after the September 11, 2001 unfolding of terror events, the United States went to war with Iraq based upon claims of chemical / biological weapons production facilities (“Weapons of Mass Destruction”) in violation of international treaties. Upon near immediate invasion and the graphic hanging of Saddam …

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Staying mineralized nowadays isn’t as easy at it used to be. The soil and therefore the plants and animals are mineral deficient. Many minerals are ignored in our diets and when deficiency prevails we will absorb toxins from the environment as our body looks to relieve the deficiency. For instance, chemtrails consist of metals such …

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Where did Dr. Bradstreet go?

Today’s daily truth is the “mysterious” death of Dr. Bradstreet. Bradstreet was an anti-vaccine doctor and used GcMAF to cure cancer and autism. Three days before his death his clinic was raided and shut down by the FDA. He was later found floating in the river with a gunshot to his chest.¬†¬†Learn more here!

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