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Once I learned how acidic peanut butter is, I converted to Almond Butter and I never looked back!  Come to find out, almonds are actually incredible. They are a natural antidepressant as almonds contain a dopamine precursor, the amino acid tyrosine, which contributes to the production of dopamine in the brain. Along with boosting your …

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Are you learning to question all of these new cell towers popping up everywhere?  I strongly urge getting educated on what 5G is and what impacts it may have on human health. 5G technology (5th generation cell phone technology) is likely coming to a lamppost near you. How this invisible technology will impact your life …

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11 Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

Reposted from Natural Living Ideas Everyone knows that the freezer is ideal for storing chilled treats, meats, and casseroles, but this useful kitchen appliance is great for keeping many other items too. Plus, a freezer, whether it’s a deep freezer or a freezer housed in the same appliance as a refrigerator, functions best when it’s …

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You don’t have to be an herbalist to learn about the plants that help us in life. Learn about the South American herb Damiana, it has amazing health benefits such as increased mental and or sexual vitality, anti inflammatory and anti anxiety. 11+ Benefits Of Damiana

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