Aspartame is Dangerous!

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I just visited a friend who recommended I get more fiber in my diet. He handed me a bottle of Psyullium and advised I give it a try. FYI Psyllium is a fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds which is actually very beneficial to eat for maintaining a healthy digestive system and is used in cleanses as well. Often overlooked, dietary fiber is very important to work into your diet. But the husks were not my biggest concern! I flipped over the bottle to read the ingredients and behold a biological warfare chemical in the fiber supplement! In case you don’t know, Aspartame is a poison. Banned by the FDA twice and first utilized via Donal Rumsfeld in war as a proven chemical biological weapon, this highly addictive neurotoxin doesn’t belong anywhere near our “food”! Poison you and your family for only $11.99 here : Metamucil MultiHealth Fiber Daily Fiber Supplement/Therapy. Learn more truth here : Aspartame Damages The Brain at Any Dose and here if you want some history : The Shocking Story of How Aspartame Became Legal

Tamarind and its Health Benefits!

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Originally from Africa but now farmed in hot dry regions of India and Mexico, Tamarind is a bean fruit spice with an exceptional distinct flavor and many health benefits. Unknown to many and often made into a paste, it is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, iron, thiamine, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, and fiber. Though very sweet, it is Diabetic friendly and is even used on hair and skin. Tamarind even reduces inflammation in the body, boosts respiratory health, improves vision, relieves pain, boosts the immune system, reduces fever, prevents cancer, protects against parasites, and more! Give it a try and learn more here : 30 Amazing Benefits Of Tamarind

9/11 was an Inside Job

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9/11/2001 Was An Inside Job. The false flag terror attack came from our own government and was used to take away our freedoms and wage war in the middle east. Now Big Pharma has easy access to the opium of Afghanistan and our streets are flooded with opiates. This event was the beginning of a new era of deceit and control. Knowing this truth and sharing it is extremely important in order to awaken the masses to the disturbing reality we all face. Look at this tragic day as an opportunity to bring Truth and Light to those still sleeping. Respect, peace and love to those who fell that day. Learn more here : Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and also here :9/11 Loose Change Final Cut-Full Documentary

The Truth about Emergen-C

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Emergen-C is a supplement which means its does not have to pass any safety testing. Also there is a misconception being propagated that ascorbic acid is Vitamin C when in reality it is not and actually ascorbic acid is claimed to have multiple negative health side affects. With no research and no testing however, we are left to just trusting the company selling the product.. Learn more here :  Popular but Dangerous: The truth about Emergen-C Packets and here: What’s wrong with Ascorbic Acid?

Technology = Loss of Privacy

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As technology advances it seems people are increasingly becoming complacent with the loss of privacy which comes with every new gadget. You are likely familiar with the popular Echo or Alexa which have quickly made their way into homes across the world. In a very telling example of privacy violation, An Amazon Echo recorded a family’s conversation, then sent it to a random person in their contacts. Please think twice before compromising privacy for convenience.

Stop Drinking Soda!

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Stop drinking soda! Soda is so corrosive that without a liner, the liquid would eat through the aluminum can after three days. 10 Great Industrial Uses for Coca-Cola Which Prove it’s Not Fit for Human Consumption. Besides being an effective poison to the human metabolism, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have another popular function in other parts of the world. One of India’s leading voluntary agencies, the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) said that soft drinks manufactured in India, including those carrying the Pepsi and Coca-Cola brand names, contain unacceptably high levels of pesticide residues and consequently many farmers have used the beverages to combat pests because of low costs compared to conventional pesticide brands. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are being used in India as Pesticide

Giving Teens Opportunities to Truly Thrive

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Humanity needs the next generation of adults to be in tune with their bodies, nature, and other humans. The best hope we have in developing a world of freedom and true health is through nurturing, guiding, and providing life-connecting activities for kids. Teens are often not ready to make the transition into adulthood, and witnessing how adults are behaving and struggling today makes them want to disassociate and indulge in artificial worlds on screens. The movie “Ready Player One” is a clear indicator that this is being normalized and programmed into the psyche of the collective consciousness. There is so much that we can do to help re-sensitize and provide opportunities to teens to prepare them to deal with the real world in the most positive ways possible. They need to know that there is so much more to life than what they can do on a screen. Role modeling healthy off-screen behavior with other adults is one major way we can help. Offering spaces and resources for teens to gather to interact, have fun, and learn from each other is also a crucial step in this process.

Screen Addiction is Drug Addiction for Developing Bodies

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Kids of all ages are overly using screen devices to cope with a range of emotions, such as boredom and insecurity, and due to a lack of connection from real life society. The more advanced technology becomes, the more alluring and addictive it is as well, especially for young developing minds. Dopamine and other neurotransmitter hormones are released in immature brains in ways that are unnatural yet rewarding when they are gaining attention or entertainment from devices. This often leads to concerning behavioral issues and addictions during adulthood. There needs to be more engaging, physical activities available for teens of all walks of life so they have options to enhance their connection to their true selves and natural sources of energy.



I always had my doubts about the pharmaceutical industry. But nothing could prepare me for the abrupt reality check when I was prescribed Cipro. On day two of taking the drug, I experienced severe adverse side effects as I experienced abrupt tendon rupture which left me unable to walk for over a month. All of my joints turned to jello from only taking three of the pills. Evidently the antibiotic is basically a fluoride pill and causes much more harm than good. Think twice before you take antibiotics, please. The pharmaceutical industry cares not about people but about profits! For more info: 6 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics & Why You Should Checkout this informative website which exposes Cipro : Cipro Is Poison .com