9/11 – The Pentagon “Terrorist” Attack

Today’s daily truth may be a repeat for some, but for others it is a means of breaking the mental paradigm in which they live thus of great importance. Today’s truth is the Pentagon “terrorist attack” of a hijacked airplane on September 11th, 2001. This story is the version of “his story” but not mine nor should it be yours. On that infamous day the FBI states that 85 cameras were in the area to capture the supposed plane hitting the Pentagon on that day. 

We are told by our government that THIS is the ONLY footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon.

Furthermore the size of the whole and the footprint of the supposed plane crash do not resemble a plane crash nor to the dimensions of the plane versus its entry hole. Based on literal measurements of the plane , the length of the nose, where the wings were and where the titanium and steel jet engines would have hit the glass windows at the Pentagon compared to the depth of the destruction in the Pentagon and the vaporized plane full of people story, the truth or the lies rather, become self evident.

Learn more here: The Pentagon and the Missile

-“Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies” 

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