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Do you support Starbucks Coffee? Do you see a Starbucks logo often? Ever wonder what the subliminal messaging, hidden meaning, symbology is behind this logo you see almost everywhere? We live in a world where the symbols and words we are subject to actually have power and we unknowingly consent to an energetic assault through invisible contracts and predatory globalists. So why is the Starbucks logo a 2 tailed green siren with her legs spread open? The ancient symbolic meaning of the mythological female siren : Obsession, addiction and death. Let’s also consider that the logo includes a circle within a circle which often symbolizes a secret society due to the suggestion that the outer circle is unaware of what the inner circle does. Also the 3 stars in a triangle which again seem to have potential satanic or illuminati reference. The 2 tailed siren is a seductive esoteric occult symbol and is plastered all over the developed world. Just be aware of the possible ongoing silent attack on your psyche through subliminal marketing and consider this as just one reason to not support such a corporation. Need more reasons to avoid Starbucks? Click here: Drink Starbucks? Wake Up And Smell The Chemicals!

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