Know your GMOs and recognize which genetically altered crops to avoid in order to remain safe and healthy in an ever increasingly toxic world. Did you know Monsanto has purchased nearly all of the sugar beet seed companies on earth? In the U.S roughly 60% of all sugar consumed is from the plentiful sugar beet, all of which is GMO and therefore can fully tolerate the assault of herbicides and pesticides which are poisons if ingested. If you consume sugar, make sure it is cane sugar otherwise you are likely unfortunately taking part in Monsanto’s evil toxin testing experiment on humanity. Learn more about he sugar beet dilemma here : Sugar beet industry converts to 100% GMO, disallows non-GMO option and more here: How Monsanto’s Sugar Beets Grew Larger Than The Law and here as well :  GMO Sugar Beets: What the Public Needs to Know

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