Take a Break from your Phone.. Here’s Why.

Our relationship with the digital world is drastically changing our consciousness. The way we perceive our world, our priorities, and our relationship with others has been altered significantly. Phones can show us how many hours on average we spend on them and it’s important that people pay attention to where the hours of their lives are spent. How much time is used scrolling through headlines that could be spent building life skills or creating memories with our children? It’s becoming more clear that the real world around us is becoming less paid attention to as infrastructure such as 5G, smart meters, and cell towers are flooding our cities and graffitied profanity, ugliness, and desolation sprawls among our cities. What happened to taking pride in where we live, in our community? At this point in time it’s obvious that the digital world has been forced upon most of our lives in order for us to communicate, work, and be in the stream of modern socialization. However, is this the world we actually want to live in or are able thrive in? 

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