The Health Benefits of Nuts

Nuts offer a wide range of nutrition benefits we can all be thankful for. A peanut is not a nut, but there are plenty of nuts to choose from that are packed with healthy rewards. Don’t forget to eat a diverse diet and eat raw, local and organic when you can. If you see an nut on the list below that you’ve not appreciated in a while or you’ve never had, give it a try and bring more variety into your life. Personally, I love sprouted almonds and have learned to even sprout almonds on my own to bring the life force energy from sprouting into my diet. Learn more about the health advantages of nuts here: The Definitive Guide to Nuts and if you want to learn more about sprouting nuts take a look at this link here: WHY YOU SHOULD SOAK & SPROUT NUTS (PLUS A SPROUTED ALMOND MILK RECIPE)

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