1. Hi Matt!

    I’m a huge fan of your activist work! I just watched the cabin talk podcast & want to show my kids your 2nd film — is it called Frankenchains? I watched Frankenskies I think on YouTube last year.(?). Btw, I live in Puerto Rico and the Chem trails here are so bad! Some days it’s a complete haze. I’m pretty sure the hurricane Maria in 2017 was the result of geo-engineering bc PR has been designated a tax haven — so IMO, the hurricane pushed out many islanders by design.

    One more thing — we used to live in Sweden in the 90’s (2 years), and still have family and friends there. That population is totally brainwashed… probably bc of Greta, but I am shocked that some of the people I know have completely bought into this scam. I believe it’s probably through their food that they are being manipulated / brainwashed. The food supply is extremely limited in Sweden on a good day… so it would be very easy to manipulate the food supply.

    All the best!

  2. Thanks for the Cabin Talk video. In Belgium the geo-engineering has accelerated aggressively since the Corona outbreak. We haven’t seen the sun for a long time. It rains and storms every single day and night. Sometimes they (Who are they?) allow us one morning with sunshine but very soon, planes appear again and spray. The media doesn’t speak about it. I have written many mails to ask what it is and why they are doing this (several to the prime minister, the Green Political Party here in Belgium, The head of the NATO, European parlement members and SCOPEX of Harvard Institute in the US). None of them replied. Nothing. Only Frank Keutsch of Scopex replied my mail to say that the stripes in our skies are contrails from passenger planes. I am a mother and very concerned about it, as our kids can not play outside in the sun anymore. I wish there was a worldwide movement to demand to stop this.

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