The Lymphatic System and Its Importance

The lymphatic system in your body is a very important aspect to recognize and keep healthy. Most of the water in your body is part of this intricate system and actually the word lymph comes from the latin lympha meaning “water”. Keeping the system properly functioning will keep your immune system healthy as the Lymphatic system filters your blood and removes toxins from the body. Cardio exercise can move some of the fluids around to get flow but I’ve learned about and purchased a shake table that I stand on and after a few minutes my skin is itchy from moving and detoxifying the stagnant lymph fluid in my body (highly recommended). First step however is acknowledging the importance of the lymphatic system and learning about it and ways to keep the entire system healthy. Learn more here : This Lymphatic Cleanse Will Detox Your Whole Body and more here – DETOX YOUR LYMPH: 10 HOLISTIC TREATMENTS FOR YOUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM

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