Diatomaceous Earth

What is diatomaceous earth? It is the fossilized remains of extremely small aquatic organisms called diatoms (see image below) which resemble modern day algae and plankton. Their skeletons consist of various minerals that we can intake for optimal health and even for removing parasites from the body. Especially rich in silica, these ancient micro-sized creatures can be even be used in the garden as a natural pesticide! For human consumption make sure to purchase food grade Diatomaceous Earth as a nutritional supplement . Especially noteworthy is their ability to remove toxins and radiation from the body primarily due to their rich bioavailable silica content and their small size. According to Dr. Barbara Hendel “Silica is the most important trace mineral for human health.” Learn more here : What Is Diatomaceous Earth? and more here : 5 Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

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