5G is a Weapon

5G is becoming an increasingly hot topic of discussion. If you are new to the conversation, consider a podcast on the topic to kickstart the information dialogue on the subject. Essentially the new telecommunications technology is titled 5G and if you live in North America the infrastructure for this new era of frequency is coming to your doorstep… literally! This one millimeter in size microwave frequency was first invented by the military as a weapon and has various human health impact risks that have been ignored. Because of the size of this frequency carrier wave it cannot travel much distance. For this reason, small cell towers must be erected in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! For the 5G to work, a cell tower must be built on every street corner. Under the allure of faster download speeds, augmented reality and self-driving cars, an invisible and destructive weapon is upon us. Please speak up and reject the “Small Cells” (small cell towers) coming to your community. You have a voice, and you have the right to say no. Your silence however is consent. Please visit My Street My Choice to learn more about how to say no to this unsafe, untested, unnecessary technology.

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