Rosa Parks

 Being heroic doesn’t mean you have to risk your life or even gain widespread public attention. Heroism is associated with fearlessness, bravery, courage, valor, lionheartedness and activism. I encourage everyone to actively adhere to the principles of honoring truth in the face of adversity especially as the world further shifts towards lies over honesty. An example of heroic activism is the story of the infamous civil rights activist Rosa Parks (1913-2005). On December 1, 1955, she sparked a flame of activism with her actions which were kindled by the imbalance of justice and freedoms in society at the time. Simply by not adhering to the social norms of segregation, Rosa made a fierce statement by simply sitting in the front of a city bus when blacks were assigned the back of the bus only. Honor her efforts as an activist as you speak your own truth one word, one sentence, one person, one day at a time. Changing the world will not happen overnight but it will happen bit by bit with your help, shifting the consciousness out of the dark. Help be the change and live fearlessly as you gain the courage to speak your truths without hesitation. Learn more about the courage of Rosa Parks and how she made history here : Great Black Heroes – Rosa Parks & also here : Rosa Parks – Civil Rights Activist  

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