Mahatma Gandhi

Born October 2nd, 1869 and assassinated in 1948 Mahatma Gandhi was a revolutionary activist in India who lead the country to independence from Britain. With focus on non-participation and non-violence Gandhi was able to free his country from the rule of Britain by opening the hearts and minds of the populace. His tenacity and intellect brought about transformational social and political change by enabling, inspiring and empowering the people to be the change they all wanted to see in their community. A beacon of light especially in these times, Gandhi has paved the way to show us how our actions dictate our world and future. We learn that we all play a part in shaping our environment and even small ripples can make big waves with focus and intent rooted in truth and love. 

Learn more by reading Gandhi’s autobiography : Experiments With Truth

A wordsmith and a powerful leader, Gandhi’s message lives on with his famous quotes here : 10 Powerful Phrases of Wisdom From Gandhi

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