The Insecticide DDT

There have been many examples in history where we are told a chemical is beneficial and harmless only later to learn we were actually being poisoned.  Unfortunately we learn who not to trust and through knowledge and wisdom we grow and evolve to discern and developed a learned intuition. One such classic example is the insecticide DDT. This chemical was sold as a bug spray and was used on crops and humans and was promoted with advertisements and jingles such as the classic example shown below : “DDT Is Good For Meee”. The World Health Organization (WHO) promoted spraying DDT globally to fight malaria in mosquitos throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Finally however in 2015, DDT was classified as a probable carcinogen to humans. Not only is the chemical cancer causing but when sprayed in the environment it stays prominent for up to 30 years and bioaccumulates in the food chain (see below graphic on bioaccumulation). Because DDT is resistant to metabolism, it stays in humans for 12 years after exposure and was shockingly found in nearly every single human blood sampled by the CDC in 2005. Learn more if you like here – The Deadly Dust: The Unhappy History Of DDT 

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