EMF Radiation in Babies: Technology’s Hidden Dangers

As parents, you want nothing but the best for your baby. Many times, this innate desire to control as much as we can for our children leads us to buy the latest and greatest technology on the market. However, some of this technology actually has an adverse effect on your baby, putting them at risk of EMF radiation.

What is EMF Radiation?

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) is a form of radiation given off by many devices, including your cell phone and the baby monitor you use for your baby. These electromagnetic fields are produced by many things, such as power lines, Wi-Fi, household appliances, computers, and cell phones. In essence, they are all around us.

While generic baby monitors with a camera can be set up a distance from the baby to limit any EMF radiation, current advances on the market create a much closer problem.

Wearable baby monitors exist that can be wrapped around a baby’s foot and ankle to monitor their activity during the night. They provide valuable information for parents, including heart rate, oxygen levels, wakings, movement, and current sleep state. However, they are placed directly against the baby’s skin, which puts your baby in direct contact with an EMF-radiating device.

Baby monitors all emit EMF radiation, even the analog monitors. But some of the WiFi-enabled monitors emit far more EMF radiation.If you choose to use a baby monitor, we highly recommend researching low EMF baby monitors as well as investing in an EMF meter to be aware of the levels of EMF your baby may be exposed to. 

The Risk of EMF Radiation in Babies

Our bodies are used to a certain level of naturally occurring EMF radiation. However, long-term unprotected exposure can have adverse effects on our bodies, impacting our vital organs and increasing inflammation.

Some of the consequences of long-term EMF radiation exposure include:

  • higher risk of heart problems
  • increased stress
  • greater fatigue
  • reproductive & fertility issues
  • poor sleep quality
  • lower immunity

Of course, some of these do not seem to be an imminent problem for babies, such as fertility issues, but it is something that can impact them significantly when they are older. Additionally, consequences such as poor sleep and low immunity can drastically affect a baby’s growth.

Babies and young children are also at an increased risk of EMF radiation because they are smaller, meaning the EMF radiation from a single device can affect a greater range of their body. Additionally, their bodies are growing, so there is more for EMF radiation to disrupt.

How to Protect Your Baby from EMF Radiation

To some extent, it isn’t possible to get rid of all devices emitting EMF radiation. The simple fact is that technology has become ingrained in our society, and offers numerous benefits that many people do not want to give up.

With this in mind, there are actions you can take to protect your baby from EMF radiation, allowing you to use these devices and still keep your baby safe.

Turn Off the Baby Monitor

We’re not saying go without a baby monitor; they’re extremely valuable tools. However, don’t keep your baby monitor on 24/7. These devices use the same electromagnetic frequencies as Wi-Fi routers, emitting strong bursts of radiation when turned on. So, turn off the monitor when you aren’t using it.

Additionally, you will want to avoid monitors attached to the cot or worn by your baby, as these encourage close-contact EMF radiation.

Use Phones and Laptops Carefully

Your phone and laptop also give off EMF radiation, so be mindful when using them around your baby. The closer you are to the source of EMF radiation, the stronger the radiation, so every inch of distance you can put between your baby and the device helps.

Many moms may go on their phones when breastfeeding, but this places the phone very close to their baby. Try to avoid using your phone when within two feet of your baby or put your phone on airplane mode around your infants to prevent any harmful damage.

Use EMF Protective Baby Gear

It’s impossible to remove all sources of EMF radiation, so the next best thing you can do is utilize baby EMF protection from Spero Gear.

Spero Gear has an EMF Protective Baby Blanket which can help protect your baby from EMF radiation from the baby monitor that runs when they sleep. 

There is also an EMF Protective Baby Beanie which offers protection to the most important growing organ in your baby, their brain. Not only does it offer EMF protection, but it also keeps your baby warm!

EMF Protection for Babies

Devices that give off EMF radiation are becoming more and more popular in today’s society, especially within products for babies. They claim to make things easier and provide valuable information, but this comes at the expense of EMF radiation to your baby that can impact their growth and cause health problems further along in life. 

Besides distancing your baby from technology emitting EMF radiation, it is also beneficial to use EMF protective gear to further protect your baby from this unseen danger. Try out Spero Gear’s baby protective products and have some peace of mind in knowing you are doing the best for your baby.  





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