The Story of Plum Island

Today the daily truth will discuss briefly an island by the name of Plum Island off the coast of New York, U.S.A. This particular locale, is not for vacationing or cruise ship stops, it is for the development of biological weapons not just for wars on other nation but created as a means to wage war on us, the innocent civilian population in America and also silent covert attacks abroad. Did you know Lyme Disease was created in a lab on Plum Island? The nefarious history of Plum Islandbegan after World War II when war criminal, German biological warfare specialist, Erich Traub, was recruited for his expertise. Coincidentally, Traub had just operated a germ warfare lab for the Nazis on an island in the Baltic Sea. The more this story unfolds the easier it is to question whether the Allies even won WW II but that is another rabbit hole not intended for today’s message. I encourage readers to delve into this shocking story by checking out the book Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Germ Laboratory. The island is a perfect location to spread disease through animals and then to humans because it is a migratory pit stop for birds and deer, which were used as a carrier to bring experimental man-made to the people of North America. Inevitably infecting ticks with Lyme Disease and then using birds and deer as a carrier to humans proved to be Lab 257’s most notorious of accomplishments. Even the lack in government Lyme research and curative funding, especially at first outbreak, tends to raise eyebrows Take a look at this article to learn more of the ongoing criminal treason that has unfolded through the research done on this isolated island lab: The Deadly Secrets Of Plum Island. Still interested? Learn more : Plum Island, Lyme Disease & Operation Paperclip – A Deadly Triangle

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