Staying mineralized nowadays isn’t as easy at it used to be. The soil and therefore the plants and animals are mineral deficient. Many minerals are ignored in our diets and when deficiency prevails we will absorb toxins from the environment as our body looks to relieve the deficiency. For instance, chemtrails consist of metals such as aluminum and our bodies thrive on metals such as iron and copper. Suppose you have an iron and copper deficiency and your air is being sprayed with a different metal such as aluminum or cadmium, titanium, barium or strontium. Your body will absorb these other metals trying to alleviate the deficiency.. A mineral pitch called Shilajit has lots of the minerals we need and can be used as a supplement to stay healthy. Consider a mineral supplement and think of Shilajit when you do so. Learn more here : The Magic of Nature : 12 Amazing Benefits From Shilajit

SHILAJIT: “Mineral Pitch” from the Himalayas.

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