Loss of Seed Variety

As Spring blossoms in the Northern Hemisphere, I felt the importance to reflect upon our ever dwindling seed variety. We’ve been programmed to not think beyond the grocery store as consumers but I encourage everyone to consider the diversity of fruit and vegetable varieties on earth. For instance, are you aware that there are 7,500 varieties of apples on earth? Did you know we have Lost 93% of All Seed Variety in 80 years? As plant and animal species disappear forever, a disconnected future humanity will never know the extent of the food varieties that we now take for granted. Conventional monocrop farming and the evils of Monsanto aren’t helping either : How Monsanto Is Terrifying The Farming World. Considering the toxins and manipulation plant genetics are being exposed to and the trend set in place by consolidated corporate agriculture, I encourage you to SAVE YOUR ORGANIC SEEDS! We Used To Have 307 Kinds Of Corn. Guess How Many Are Left?

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