Project Controlled Weather: Operation Popeye

As the Vietnam War reached a crossroads, the U.S. army had important decisions to make if they wanted to tip the scale back to their side. All options were on the table – both conventional and unconventional. And among the most unusual plots was Operation Popeye, launched in an attempt to weaken the Ho Chi Minh trail, the Viet Cong’s most vital mechanism supply flow tool. To accomplish this, the U.S. would turn the weather into a weapon of war. Operation Popeye utilized cloud seeding technology – a type of weather modification that artificially creates rain or snow. With it, the U.S. military extended at least five monsoon seasons, causing detrimental effects to the unknowing Vietnamese citizens and soldiers. The mission spanned five years and cost taxpayers over 15 million dollars. Despite multiple hearings in Congress, military officers, even President Nixon himself, denied it existed at all.

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