Talk Truth: Frankenskies w/ Matt Landman

Matt Landman is a filmmaker and activist who first woke up to the dangers of chemtrails in 2012 while working on a farm. He made flyers and even put together a presentation, but no one seemed to care. It wasn’t until he moved to Vancouver in 2015 and met some 9-11 truthers that he began to take action. Inspired by their activism, he decided to make a chemtrail movie called FrankenSkies. Landman believes that the confusion tactics around the terminology and the scientific justification are dangerous, and that it is important to continue to expose the truth about chemtrails and geoengineering.

1 thought on “Talk Truth: Frankenskies w/ Matt Landman”

  1. Thanks matt the best documentry about the planet chaos about chemtrails and exposing the threat on everything theworld is wakeing to this insane project

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