10 Medicinal Plants Native Americans Used To Heal

It’s fascinating to learn about the medicinal plants that Native Americans, specifically the Cherokee Indians, used for various health issues. Traditional knowledge of plants and their healing properties has been passed down through generations, and many of these plants continue to be valued for their therapeutic potential.Here’s a summary of the medicinal plants mentioned in the article and their traditional uses:

  1. Mint: Used to stimulate the digestive system, lower blood pressure, and relieve rashes and itching. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
  2. Yellow dock: The leaves are high in iron and act as a laxative. Crushed roots mixed with warm water were used as an antiseptic.
  3. Blackberry: Used to soothe stomach problems. The roots were sweetened with honey and used to treat sore throats, coughs, bleeding gums, and mouth sores. Rich in antioxidants and healing compounds.
  4. Cattail: Not a medicinal treatment but considered a preventative medicine. The entire plant can be eaten, and it’s a reliable food source due to its high starch content.
  5. Yarrow: Has blood-clotting properties and can reduce tissue inflammation. Used as a tea to improve kidney and gallbladder function and applied topically for skin conditions.
  6. Sumac: High in antioxidants, the leaves’ tea reduces fever, while the ointment relieves skin rashes. Berries are rich in Vitamin C and can be made into a drink.
  7. Greenbriar: Used to purify blood and treat mild urinary infections. Roots are rich in starch and minerals, and leaves contain vitamins and minerals.
  8. Wild ginger: Used to stimulate digestion and aid with ailments like colic, intestinal bloating, gas, stomach aches, and cramps. Also known to help with excess mucus in the lungs.
  9. Wild Rose: The fruit, rose hip, is rich in Vitamin C. The tea has been used to boost the immune system, treat colds, flu, and stimulate bladder and kidney function.
  10. Blackbrush: Buckbrush root was used as a diuretic to stimulate proper kidney function. Other members of the same plant family were used to treat mouth and throat ailments, inflammation, and various health issues.

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