Aspartame is Dangerous!

I just visited a friend who recommended I get more fiber in my diet. He handed me a bottle of Psyullium and advised I give it a try. FYI Psyllium is a fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds which is actually very beneficial to eat for maintaining a healthy digestive system and is used in cleanses as well. Often overlooked, dietary fiber is very important to work into your diet. But the husks were not my biggest concern! I flipped over the bottle to read the ingredients and behold a biological warfare chemical in the fiber supplement! In case you don’t know, Aspartame is a poison. Banned by the FDA twice and first utilized via Donal Rumsfeld in war as a proven chemical biological weapon, this highly addictive neurotoxin doesn’t belong anywhere near our “food”! Poison you and your family for only $11.99 here : Metamucil MultiHealth Fiber Daily Fiber Supplement/Therapy. Learn more truth here : Aspartame Damages The Brain at Any Dose and here if you want some history : The Shocking Story of How Aspartame Became Legal

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