Binaural Beats

As we learn about how susceptible our minds are to manipulation via frequency, let’s delve into the beneficial ways we can assist our brains into higher states of consciousness. Ever hear of Binaural Beats? The mind is easily influences and this practice has actually been utilized for thousands of years. Firstly, we can learn about the measurement of frequency : Hertz. This is the measurement of how many frequency waves are created per second. The brain produces between about 1 and 20 Hertz (Hz) per second and in this range are four subsets that dictate our mood and state of being. The state of Theta waves is a place where deep relaxation, introspection and meditation can occur and Binaural beats will help the brain come to this natural state. What the beats do is emit a frequency via music using headphones, though one ear is different than the other. The diagram below explains that the differential between one ear and the other is what the brain tunes to thus putting you directly into that sought after Theta Wave state. Learn more here : How Binaural Beats Work , Also here is an example to try out before bed if you like : Binaural Sleep Meditation

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