Are Peanuts actually Healthy for you? NO

Peanuts aren’t nuts, they are actually legumes. I once suffered from serious heart burn and as I removed certain foods from my diet, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, though the cornerstone of my nutritional intake for 20 years, were dropped as they were surprisingly giving me heartburn. This inevitably lead me to learning about peanut butter and peanuts and how horribly acidic peanuts are. Actually many seeds and nuts are very nutritious and healthy, but the legume peanut does more harm than good. The nuts have a carcinogenic fungus mold that grows on it after it is harvested and roasted called Aflatoxin, which is highly toxic. So prevalent in peanuts, scientists are actually experimenting with genetically engineering peanuts to reject the Aflatoxin. Also, because they are legumes with thin permeable skin, and not nuts with a hard protective shell, they are more susceptible to absorption of chemical herbicides and pesticides which you don’t want to be ingesting. Consider almond butter or sunflower seed butter next time you consider buying peanut butter and if you still crave this acidic legume, please buy organic. Learn more here : GOING NUTS – WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID PEANUTS LIKE THE PLAGUE! & more here Nutrition of Peanuts Vs. Almonds

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