Bee Pollen

The honey bee supports humanity and all life on earth in so many ways. As a bee bounces from flower to flower it collects pollen for the hive to make into honey and in doing so inadvertently acts as a pollinator bringing reproduction and life to the ecosystem. The pollen collected by the bee is considered a super food and upon a cursory investigation it is no surprise that Chinese medicine has utilized this powerhouse for centuries. For instance, bee pollen’s many applications include treating infertility, cancer treatment and preventative, weight loss, stress reduction, skin health and is even used to prevent radiation exposure. Bee pollen contains 250 different minerals which include every single nutrient we need to survive. Find local bee pollen at a grocer or health food store near you! Learn more about this protein rich gift from nature here : Top 10 Benefits of Bee Pollen & more here: Bee Pollen As A Superfood

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