What DEW You Really Know?

Listen in on Matt Landman spreading the truth and awareness about the Fires in Maui… What do you think happened?!

3 thoughts on “What DEW You Really Know?”

  1. I’ve spent time in Lahaina. I absolutely think Direct Energy Weapons + HAARP created the evil weather to begin with + bad guys running their local government + globalists + purposeful faulty electric lines + children at home with no warnings to anyone + investment eyes on Lahaina + blocking the only exits in & out. Premeditated Massacre in Maui, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on and so evil. I have good ideas to counter creepers and I wish I could get a team of very conscious people with platforms that could be cross marketed. I think we need events to pack power punches in activism. Team work. Same bad guys on the daily.

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